About Us

A Little About the Owner

Hello and welcome to our website. I am Gary Grau, owner, designer and builder at Heartwood Farm Tables.

Forty years ago, I began working as a carpenter’s helper and soon discovered the joy and satisfaction of working with my hands. Taking a pile of wood and rendering it into something useful to last generations spoke to my soul.

In 1998 I started my own company, Grau General Contracting, which specialized in historic preservation. Over the last 20 years my team and I performed award-winning restorations and preservations of hundreds of historic structures throughout Middle Tennessee. Many of the restorations are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. During that time, I acquired a barn full of preserved vintage materials.

With retirement approaching, I saw that giving this beautiful old wood new life would define the next chapter in my life.

Our Mission

At Heartwood, we are dedicated to designing and building beautiful pieces for our customers. And we are just as passionate about the repurposing aspect of this process.

In an effort to be environmentally aware and earth-friendly, no wood used has been commercially logged. We reclaim, repurpose and recycle.

Our tables have unique character, each built by hand and each one of a kind. In a fast-paced, tech-driven world, our tables represent the other end of the spectrum: thoughtful in design and built with intention.

Navigating Our Site

To see some of the behind the scenes of how our products are made and what all goes into them, please visit our Process page. To see some of our current inventory, please visit the Our Tables page. Or, if you want something custom made to fit your taste and needs, please visit our Custom Tables page.