The Process

To begin the process of designing and building a custom table, first we select a material that will best suit the table’s style and function. We try to choose material with unique character and features, such as unusual coloring or distinctive “figuring” in the wood grain. Even nail holes and saw marks can be used to accent the character of the piece and can help document the material’s history.

As we build our tables, we employ some of the “old world” tools and techniques whenever possible. Hand planes, draw knives, chisels and Japanese timber saws are some of the tools we use to give our tables their character. After construction is complete, the finishing stage begins and multiple coats of a hand rubbed oil finish are applied to seal the wood and to bring out the wood’s natural color and grain.
All of these processes take more time and effort, but that is what makes our tables uniquely different. Our intent is to produce one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces.

Please keep in mind that all of our materials are earth friendly. Our reclaimed lumber is from century old structures that were carefully dismantled, de-nailed, stacked and stored and then air dried. Our natural edged slab wood is from local sources and was rendered from blow downs, storm damaged trees and standing dead timber. None has been commercially logged. We believe in preserving our forests for their natural beauty and for their positive impact on our environment.